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My name is Colin and I research everything.  I've been told I possess a level of meticulousness that others are unwilling to provide.  I've had an appreciation for the good things my whole life, certainly well before I even understood value and costs.  I’ve just always appreciated the well-made, well designed, and the truly exceptional.  I had a normal, middle-class, Midwestern upbringing, so it’s not like I was born into it, but my Dad bestowed upon me the values of research, patience, and diligence.  I’ve been described as being intense.  As in, when I get into something, I go all in; this goes hand in hand with the research thing.  It’s the well thought out that makes life that much more enjoyable.  From exceptional daily coffee, to the perfect watch, I do the research and filter all the information so you don’t have to.

When helping friends make a major purchasing decision I discovered that I have a knack for understanding their needs, their tastes, and their wants, in helping find what it is that will make them truly satisfied.  I use the same approach as when I am making my own purchasing decisions; gather and lay out as much information as possible, and make the best decision from the options found.  For me this means hours of research and tons of reading.  For you it means I do all the work for you and give you the options and what you need to know.  If you would like further explanation, lets geek out, I’d love to share my passions with you discuss what makes things great.

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