#WhatsCTpulling : Zambian pulped natural coffee

I'm still working through a dry processed Ethiopian and Black Balsam from Mountain Air on the espresso side of things, but for drip duties, I've been giving the nod to my first coffee from Zambia, Ljulu Lipati Limited Release from Intelligentsia.  

The coffee is definitely unique from the get go being a pulped natural, which is sort of a cross between a dry or natural processed coffee and a fully washed coffee.  Basically, the skin of the coffee is removed but then it is allowed to dry naturally, this is also sometimes referred to as honey processing.  I like that Intelligentsia usually provides a very in depth 1-2 page PDF with each coffee explaining where it's from, what makes the coffee the way it is, and why it's special.  The particular full story accompanying this coffee also does a good job of explaining the two main coffee processing methods, natural and washed, as well as this "hybrid" method.  

The flavor descriptors are: spiced apple cider and hints of dried apricot, and juniper.  I consider myself to have a receptive palate, and I'm not sure about those, but I can confirm there is definitely a sweet spice note to it.  Not quite the same flavor, but the spice of ginger comes to mind, it's sweet and aromatic but definitely has a little zing to it.  

I've been brewing this on the V60 at 207*F in about 2:30 using a 1:16 ratio, a pretty standard V60 recipe other than the higher than average temperature, which I found accentuated the spice notes and sweetness, in a very positive way.  

Found out more about this coffee and order yourself up a bag from the fine folks at Intelligentsia.