#WhatsCTpulling : Dogwood Coffee Co. - Ethiopia Mora Mora

Back again with some filter roast, naturally processed, Ethiopian coffee from Dogwood Coffee Co.  This Heirloom varietal from the Guji zone is accurately described as:

Very fruity and delicate with strawberry candy and white gummy bear flavors and a perfume aroma

The clear gummy bears happen to be my favorite, and this coffee is definitely sweet and fruity with juicy acidity.  You can smell the strawberry the minute you open the bag, but as the description states, the coffee is more delicate than the aroma would indicate.  The coffee tended to favor a cool temperature to coax out more of that sweetness and fruit.  I found 196F to be the sweet spot on the Bonavita PID Gooseneck Kettle using my pretty standard V60 recipe of:

  • 1:16 ratio - typically 20g of coffee to 320g of water
  • :30 bloom, pour until 180-200 grams, stir
  • 2 more pours as soon as the water approaches any grinds being exposed on the sides of the filter, with the last pour actually pouring down the sides of the filter to rinse those grounds back in, a la Matt Perger's method.  
  • 2:30 total brew time
AeroPress of Dogwood Coffee

I also took this coffee camping two weekends in a row and it made for some tasty cups through the AeroPress.  Again, I shot for cooler brew temperatures, though I don't use a thermometer when camping, I just let the water get to a boil on a Jetboil, turn off the heat and let sit for :45 seconds or so - generally as long as it takes for the second hand on my watch to get to :60 or :30, so it's easier to work in :30 second intervals.  I also keep it simple with a pretty standard recipe on the AeroPress:

  • Inverted method, 17-18 grams coffee, ground through Hario Mini Mill Slim on 9 clicks open.
  • :15 second bloom and stir, add rest of water, about 3 stirs, top off with more water as needed.
  • Flip onto mug at 1:00 - I rotate or spin the vessel on it's side while flipping it over out of habit of not having a stirrer in the woods.
  • Press for :30 just kind of leaning on it using body weight.  
My lazy body weight press method.

My lazy body weight press method.

This resulted in an even juicier cup, where you could really feel the fruity acidity in your cheeks.  To me, a really good cup of coffee when camping is tops.  $17 for a 12oz bag from the fine folks in Minneapolis.  Have a great Holiday Weekend, and make some tasty coffee!