Monthly Roundup - November 2018

And just like that, November is nearly over. Because the Monthly Roundup is a catch-all of sorts, I want to include some housekeeping notes such as the announcement that I will be continuing to use the Versalab M3 grinder, starting a new venture working with Versalab to grow awareness of their product in general, and that it has steadily (and quietly) been improved over the years to address some of the early misinformation that exists in the forums and such from over 10 years ago. The M3 grinder is actually the M3.6, and if you have any questions, I will be posting a lot more information on Versalab’s new Instagram account, so be sure to give a follow.

*I also want to address the rightful skepticism that this new direction with Versalab puts the integrity of my pasts posts and reviews of the grinder in question. I want to be very clear that this partnership with Versalab was only discussed after those posts had been completed, and those remain the independent views of me and property and content of Additionally, I feel as though I have made it very clear in the past on the very few occasions that I have received compensation for using a product, I will be sure to make those (rare) disclosures even more clear.

I am also continuing to update the perennially popular gift guides for watches, coffee, etc., so be sure to check back for the refreshed versions of those posts, or you can always search “gift” by clicking through here, or searching the blog on the home page or in top right of the blog page. I am also in the process of updating my non-exhaustive list of the espresso machines I recommend at all price points. Keep an eye out for that in the coming weeks.

Dan Henry 1972 and 1964

I don’t want to necessarily beat the same drum since the Best Gift Watches Under $300 post thoroughly covers that Dan Henry makes very cool vintage inspired watches at extremely affordable prices, but I do want to highlight two new offerings. The 1974 is a complicated take on 1970’s era chronograph with a twist, an alarm feature. This 41mm banger features a Miyota 0S80 Quartz movement that pays a nod back to when these watches were true tools, with unique functionality. The watch is available in matte steel or a black PVD for $350 here.

The 1964 is a Heuer Carrera / Breitling Top-Time like vintage three register chronograph that looks amazing. The specs could not be any more bang on at 38mm, including a beads of rice bracelet, and even the option to omit the date. There are four absolutely killer dial choices that make it tough to choose from, I think the slate gray and evil panda, being my favorites. Powered by the Seiko VK64 meca-quartz movement, you get a best of both worlds, movement from a quality brand with a 60 minute register, running seconds, and 24hour hand. The blued center sweep hand, beads or rice bracelet, and soleil dials with engine turned sub registers on the non-panda models pick up all of the vintage details, just like on the other Dan Henry models. It’s really tough to believe this watch is only $250. This is a watch that renowned collectors, people that just want a cool watch, and new hobbyist can all really enjoy.

I just stumbled on this company via their Instagram page, that appears to be selling high quality, Seiko SKX specific rubber straps. This appears to be in similar vein to what Everest Straps does for Rolex, using high quality materials, and excellent watch specific fit and finishing, particularly in the curved ends. The first run appears to be sold out, so price is not disclosed, but this could be a very interesting option to keep an eye on as a great SKX strap option, and one that would sit lower on the wrist that my usual go-to option, the Bonetto Cinturini Zuludiver. SkinX announced on their Instagram page that they will be re-branding and offering more straps, colors, and style in early 2019. Get more info and follow along here.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please reach out by commenting below or via the contact page, if there’s anything you’d like to see more of, if you have a question, or just want to chat coffee, watches, and the like.