#whatsCTpulling : Kanzu Rwanda from Madcap Coffee Company

Madcap has to be considered one of the big player specialty coffee staples in the US.  Based out of Michigan they have been putting out quality coffee (and good merchandise) for years.  This Rwandan washed Bourbon varietal is said to be rich, with stone fruit, floral, and spice notes.  

Brewed on the Hario V60, this coffee had a lot of rich sweetness and subtle spice and floral aroma.  The coffee required a pretty coarse grind, and a 1:16 ratio seemed to balance out the transparency and flavor just fine.  I feel like I'm repeating myself a lot lately when I say it was just a really good cup of coffee, but I've been using some really great coffees from very good roasters.  This one was a little more distinct with the sweet spice notes, but was ultimately very well balanced, sweet, and smooth.  

As espresso, however, this coffee was awesome and very interesting.  I don't know if I can identify the spice, but the finish had a very distinct sweet spiced syrup quality to it that lingered on the tongue in the best of ways.  I want to say it reminded me of a Christmas like spice or maybe a sweet nutmeg, but good shots just kept you wanting more, with a really great finish.  This worked well with milk too, creating a wonderful cold weather cappuccino or latte.  This coffee really has a lot of oomph for a washed single origin.  Espresso shots were pulled at 18 grams in an 18 gram VST basket to 38-40 grams out in 25-28 seconds.

Kanzu is available for $18.50 for a 12 ounce bag here.